Tourism is one of the sectors that contributes the most to the economic and social development of a region; And currently, travel indicators are showing that the future of the tourism industry is changing. Making decisions and managing actions that improve the performance of organizations is the new reality for every travel leader and at On Tourism Consulting we help our clients improve their approach and prepare a plan to respond to challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

The vision we share is to take advantage of the experience in the travel industry and go further developing innovative strategies that reinvigorate the trust of all industry players. Our most important contribution is to push travel companies to the next level not only with a different future, but with a better one for its ability to return to growth.


Rodrigo Esponda is a tourism professional with more than 20 years of experience in the industry having worked in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Since 2016 he has been the Managing Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board (FITURCA) in charge of the marketing, communication and branding efforts of the destination.

Previously, Mr. Esponda worked for 16 years in the Mexico Tourism Board in various responsibilities in New York, Chicago and Toronto; the last 4 years as Regional Director for North America, coordinating Mexico’s promotional efforts in the United States and Canada, and linking with major tour operators, airlines and travel agencies. He previously worked at the National Trust Fund for Development (FONATUR).

Mr. Esponda has been professor of tourism planning at New York University (NYU). He graduated in architecture from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), holds a master’s degree in administration from Columbia University in New York. He is in the process of presenting his dissertation for the master’s degree in tourism destination management by Anahuac University. He is Certified at Professional Meetings of the Convention’s Industry Council. Since 2019 Mr. Esponda is a member of the Mexican Diplomacy Tourism Council.

Mr. Esponda is opinion columnist in the leading mexican newspaper EL UNIVERSAL and a speaker recognized for his innovative spirit and strategic leadership skills.